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Product Design Process


Cradle to Cradle Product Design: Designing for a circular economy

Get practical product design strategies for the circular economy. This course draws from some resources on disassembly, recycling, repair, upgrade, and green material selection from the Sustainable Design collection within the Autodesk University Workshop Library.

10xE Design Principles
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10xE Design Principles

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)'s “Factor Ten” initiative has the goal of teaching engineers how to design for tenfold- higher resource productivity. These 17 practical principles summarize the integrative design techniques that RMI uses in its work.

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Carnegie Mellon Curriculum: Introduction to CAD and CAE

This highly commended curriculum was used to teach a popular course at Carnegie-Mellon University. Delivered online as well as through local materials, the course takes students through the entire design process, beginning with conceptual sketching, then moving through part and assembly modeling with detail drawings into increasingly more complex simulation and analysis.

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CFD Workflow 1: Model and Estimate Results

Using well modeled geometry and having an understanding of the expected simulation results helps the process of achieving a successful analysis. By taking special care with modeling and your simulation setup at the beginning of the analysis process it is possible to save a great deal of time in the long run.

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FEA Workflow 1: Model and Estimate Results

It is important to have a good idea of the expected stresses and deflections before beginning the computer analysis, as it gives the ability to “sanity check” the results.

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Eco Materials Adviser Workflow

This page has a manual to support the use of the Autodesk Eco Materials Adviser on design projects.

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Sustainable Product Design Strategies

Products can have lower environmental impacts by cleverly using less energy and materials. With a series of introductory videos and quick reference guides, learn sustainable product design fundamentals like design for energy efficiency, reduced embodied impacts, lighweighting, recycling, repair, and upgrade. Learn also how some of Autodesk's products can help you start to put these fundamentals into practice in your designs.

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