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Eco Materials Adviser and Green Material Selection

Material selection is an incredibly important aspect of creating sustainable products. The Autodesk Eco Materials Adviser can help you make more informed material choices with data about the embodied energy, embodied CO2, embodied water, cost, RoHS compliance, and physical material properties.

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Green Materials Selection

Choosing more sustainable materials is all about making informed tradeoffs. While there is no such thing as an entirely “green material,” you can improve your materials choices by knowing the variables to consider.


Cradle to Cradle Product Design: Designing for a circular economy

Get practical product design strategies for the circular economy. This course draws from some resources on disassembly, recycling, repair, upgrade, and green material selection from the Sustainable Design collection within the Autodesk University Workshop Library.

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Infigo Microwave

The Infigo Microwave Oven concept creates a more sustainable appliance that millions of people interact with on a daily basis.

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.Able Modular Headphone

This headphone concept takes a thoughtful look at the standard headphone design and updates it with much more sustainable aspects, as well as a stunningly attractive design.

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EcoFridge Saves Time and Energy

A team of engineering students developed a cost-competitive, environmentally friendly refrigerator.  Learn about their results.