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HVAC Systems


Simulation CFD Applied: HVAC Layout

Dive deeper into the application of Autodesk Simulation CFD to optimizing HVAC layouts. Proper air movement and temperature distribution help meet design goals related to energy consumption, contaminant containment, indoor air quality, and human comfort. These design goals can be addressed by evaluating CFD simulation results.

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Evaluating CFD results of an HVAC Layout

Learn how to evaluate HVAC layout results to understand and improve operating characteristics.

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Creating a Simulation-Ready HVAC Layout

Learn the process to incorporate the use of Simulation CFD while designing HVAC layouts.

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CFD Simulations of HVAC Layout

This module will focus on the common components and results visualization associated with HVAC layout simulations.

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Reducing Heat Loss & Air Resistance In HVAC Systems

Reducing lesses in an HVAC system’s air distribution system can help provide energy efficiency gains. The efficiency of any given air path is generally measured by its resistance to air flow. This is its static pressure loss or "head loss". Heat losses are also important to avoid.

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Humidity Control

Humidity control systems add or remove water vapor from indoor air to stay within proper humidity ranges. Humidity control is important because It is a large factor in people's thermal comfort, can lead to mold and mildew, and dehumidifcation is a large energy user.

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HVAC Design and Layout

As you specify the equipment, you'll want to configure it within your system design so that it is most energy efficient and most effective at keeping people comfortable.

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Modeling Closed Plenum HVAC Systems

In this exercise, students will learn how to:Measure the plenum space available.Place air handling units and terminals.Create a supply system.

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Modeling Exposed HVAC Sytems

In this exercise, students will learn how to:Place air handling units and terminals.Create a return system.View HVAC systems in the System Browser.