Modular modeling for games: Windmill elements

Learn how to model physical game elements by creating a windmill. Construct basic elements based on reference imagery and design sketches, and then refine the model, replicate it, and export it.


Creating a bounding box and reference planes

Based on reference imagery and design sketches, this video shows how to begin modeling a hard surface object according to provided specifications.

Blocking out the basic shape

Using the bounding box, this video shows how to construct the basic elements of the windmill, matching the design as closely as possible.

Refining and adding detail

This video shows how to continue to refine the model and add design details.

Testing modularity by duplicating and aligning

This video demonstrates how to test modularity and use of the UV space by cloning and rotating models.

Revising and refining modules

This video explores methods of revising and refining the modules for further testing and export.