Modeling modular rock walls– foundations for terraforming

Learn how to build rock walls by creating and cloning modular elements. You'll learn how to add some variation to the design to mask the repitition in the design, how to extrude the rock shapes from reference imagery, how to reduce distortion of the textures in the extruded forms, and how to form the overall walls.



This video introduces the workflow that will be used in the chapter, outlining how to create and clone modular rock elements. 


Blocking out modules

This video shows how to apply a tiling texture in a modular set of elements, beginning with blocking out the basic modules.

Creating variation within like modular elements

This video illustrates how to model variation in modular elements and plan for cloning in the game editor.

Adding applique elements

This video demonstrates how to create additional elements that can be applied to mask the repetition of a modular design.

Modeling natural rock formations

Starting with reference imagery, this video shows how to constuct a flat rock panel based on the reference, beginning with cutting the strata and cleavage planes for the rock.

Extruding rock outcroppings

Using the flat rock plane, this video shows how to extrude low polygon rock forms that are suitable for cliffs in game.

Scaling and straightening the UVs

This video shows how to scale, straighten, and relax the UV shells of the rock to reduce distortion in the textures.

Bending and forming the rock

This video shows how to take the completed flat rock panels and bend them, forming natural rock cliffs and walls for use in game as terrain accents.