Engaging the pipeline – getting assets into the game editor

Learn how to prepare your models from Maya for use in the Unity game engine. You'll streamline the materials on the model, set import and export settings, organize imported assets, and troubleshoot basic problems that might arise.


Preparing models for export

This video shows how to delete history, freeze transforms, and prepare models for export as FBX files.

Optimizing materials and animations

This video shows how to streamline the materials on object for export to a game engine, and also demonstrates how to change import settings in Unity to affect material naming.

Exporting meshes and animations

This video demonstrates the exporting of assets via FBX including animations to a game engine. Additonally, the video covers baking keys and possible problems that arise with joints in a rig.

Testing and organizing imported assets

This video demonstrates the import of assets into Unity, and how to test and organize them for implementation in a game.