Vasari & Ecotect for High Performance Building Design

Learn workflows for building performance analysis using Autodesk Vasari and Ecotect. Learn strategic and holistic approaches for energy analysis, sun and shadow studies, daylighting, and more.

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Building Performance Analysis (BPA)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an approach to design that uses intelligent 3D computer models to create, modify, share, and coordinate information throughout the design process. When used well, using BIM for building performance analysis can help you design sustainably.

Modeling Basics in Vasari & Ecotect

Modeling in BIM is an in-depth topic that this site is not meant to fully address. However, because basic geometry often suffices for important early-stage analysis, you often don’t need to be an expert. There are several topics covered here briefly, including conceptual modeling and modeling topography.

Climate Analysis in Vasari & Ecotect

Learn how to access climate data and climate visualization tools within Ecotect's Weather Tool and Autodesk Vasari.

Conceptual Energy Analysis

Conceptual Energy Analysis tools allow you to compare the performance of early alternative design strategies. You can get quick feedback on the expected energy use of your proposed designs and compare the effectiveness of building form, orientation and envelope design options.

Energy Loads in Vasari & Ecotect

Software simulations can help you understand how heating and cooling loads change throughout the year, and what elements of your building’s design contribute the most. Is it excessive solar heat gain in the summer that makes you have to cool the space? Is that same heat gain helpful in cold winter months? What are the tradeoffs?

Sun and Shadow Studies in Ecotect & Vasari

Understanding the sun’s path goes hand-in-hand with climate analysis to help you create high performance buildings. Harnessing the sun’s energy and light is perhaps the most important factor for good passive design strategies. Learn what tools are available within Revit and Vasari, and also some of the more advanced solar visualization and calculation functionality available in Ecotect.

Solar Loads Analysis in Vasari & Ecotect

Knowing the amount of the sun’s energy that strikes your site and building can help you create net zero energy buildings by optimizing passive design strategies and solar PV systems.

Wind Analysis in Vasari

Airflow and air quality is an important aspect of human comfort. Moving air helps people feel cooler, and natural ventilation is a key strategy for passive cooling.  Also, circulating fresh air within a space prevents air from getting stale. In building design, you’ll want to consider both external and internal airflows.

Lighting Analysis in Ecotect & 3dsMax

You can understand and quantify the amount of the sun’s light in your project with daylighting analysis. This can help you create comfortable and beautiful spaces, reduce lighting loads, and reduce cooling loads. There are many ways to measure and visualize light, and you may use different tools depending on which question you’re trying to answer. This page has decision tree to guide you to the right metrics and tools.


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During the last 10 years, Asbjorn has worked with the strategic and operational development and implementation of BIM especially the deep understanding of concepts, interoperability, and technical solutions for early design phases, detailed design, construction projects, and processes. Asbjorn poses extensive strategic and operational industry knowledge and expertise by understanding the full lifecycle of BIM technologies as tangible business advantages for customers at all levels, with a multidisciplinary industry experience from the Danish Institute of Technology (DTI) as one of the leading influencers in Danish BIM development. During the last 10 years he’s has work with developing strategic methodologies and workflows to enhance and empower companies to get more value in using BIM technology as a strategic advantage for the individual company. Asbjorn is now working within Autodesk CSM team to drive adoption of Autodesk solutions while helping to connect Autodesk customer’s to tangible business benefits by driving business process improvements.
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The Danish architect Daniel Nielsen works on projects at various scales - from buildings to planning - with the aim of creating high architectural quality that take comfort, climate conditions, and resources into account. He integrates Green BIM into his work – using digital 3D modeling and simulation tools to visualize and validate his designs. He is involved in various research projects and education programs at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Besides this he also consults about architectural design.
Adam is a designer and educator who focuses on systems, knowledge, and experiences to make the world a better place.  Adam managed the creation of educational content on sustainable engineering and design at Autodesk between 2010 and 2014. He has worked as a design strategist at Jump Associates and holds both a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA from Vanderbilt University. He is a LEED accredited professional and has taught a course on Net Zero Energy Building design at the UC Berkeley extension.