Service Documentation with Inventor Publisher

Service documentation helps users and technicians know how to repair, upgrade, or maintain products. Being deliberate about your service documentation can keep products in service longer, avoiding the need for frequent replacements and diverting material from waste streams. Inventor Publisher is a tool for design documentation and communication that can help you and your product's users visualize how your product can be taken apart, repaired, upgraded, and responsibly disposed of.

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Creating Effective Instructions

This video was created in Autodesk Inventor Publisher for Autodesk University 2011. It is based on the design byindustrial designer David Fustino. It goes along with the linked PDF, which covers how it was created and the benefit of using Inventor Publisher when designing your products.

Inventor Publisher for Product Lifetime

Inventor Publisher can create disassembly instructions and service documentation to keep your products alive longer. This series of demos introduces you to the basic interface and features of Inventor Publisher to help you get started quickly and use it on your own projects.


Adam is a designer and educator who focuses on systems, knowledge, and experiences to make the world a better place.  Adam managed the creation of educational content on sustainable engineering and design at Autodesk between 2010 and 2014. He has worked as a design strategist at Jump Associates and holds both a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA from Vanderbilt University. He is a LEED accredited professional and has taught a course on Net Zero Energy Building design at the UC Berkeley extension.