Fundamentals of CNC Machining

The materials here were designed for working engineers and designers, engineering undergraduates or graduate students, and manufacturers. Educators can easily use these materials to support classroom learning, with the provided handbook, PowerPoint presentations, student exercises, and videos.


Product Design & Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Precision Machining, Milling


Mill Tool Nose Types

These course materials on the Fundamentals of CNC Machining were developed in 2012 by Autodesk, HSMWorks, and NexGen CAM. Download the course materials here, and also follow some of the links below for video playlists about Autodesk Inventor HSM.

Learning Objectives

The goal of the Fundamentals of CNC Machining course materials is teach persons with a technical background how to program and operate Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mills and lathes. This course bridges the gap between what persons with a technical education know and what they must learn to begin using CNC machine tools. The types of parts, materials and machining operations that engineers, innovators, and niche manufacturers often use are featured. Work holding techniques well suited to prototype and short-run production are detailed and used as examples.

Here are some examples of what you’ll find in the Fundamentals of CNC Machining coursework, downloadable below.


The handbook includes the following lessons and appendices. It is downloadable as a PDF and is also available online here.

Example of the HSM Handbook

Example of the Fundamentals of CNC Machining handbook.


  1. Overview/Resources
  2. Shop Safety
  3. Coordinate Systems
  4. CNC Programming Language
  5. CNC Tools
  6. CNC Operation
  7. 2D Milling Toolpaths
  8. CNC Turning


  • A – CNC Milling Work-Holding Examples
  • B – Alternate Tool Setting Methods
  • C – CNC Process Planning Forms
  • D – G/M Code Reference
  • E – Glossary
  • F – Drill Chart

PowerPoint presentations & Student workbooks

Example of PPT that accompanies handbook.

Example of PPT that accompanies handbook.

Example of a hands-on exercise from the student workbook.

Example of a hands-on exercise from the student workbook.


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