Understanding Boundary Conditions in Simulation CFD

Prescribed values such as air temperature and other boundary conditions help define the interaction between a simulation model and its environment. Understanding how these variables are managed and introduced in Simulation CFD are critical for developing accurate simulation results.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how boundary conditions affect the simulation model.
  • Gain experience defining the interaction of the simulation model with its exterior environment.
  • Practice transforming known physical values to Simulation CFD inputs.

The amount and temperature of air entering a space are both examples of known quantities defined as boundary conditions in Autodesk Simulation CFD.  They are prescribed values that define the interaction between the simulation model and its environment.  They are also similar to the known values and assumptions of an engineering problem. 

A room with a window view having two (2) supplies and one (1) return.
Boundary Conditions used to represent the interaction between the simulation model and its surrounding environment of walls, windows, and the supply and return conditions. Flow and thermal results visualized with an ISO surface and temperature results on components.

The ability of Simulation CFD to converge on a solution is related to how well boundary conditions are defined.  The definitions of those conditions are input assumptions for the analysis.  Properly defining these known conditions will be a topic that this module will emphasize.  

Representing the Flow Environment in Simulation CFD

Setting flow boundary conditions enables fluid to enter and exit the domain for simulation analysis.

The Thermal Environment in Simulation CFD

Establishing thermal boundary conditions helps define the surrounding environment’s interaction with the simulation model as it relates to heat transfer.

Exercise: Boundary Conditions in Simulation CFD

Explore the use of boundary conditions in Simulation CFD with an introductory exercise.