Solving in Simulation CFD

The solver is the engine driving the simulation process. First, it must interpret all of the user-defined inputs to develop the mathematical equations. These equations are then solved to generate the ultimate goal of every simulation – results visualization, which helps guide critical design decisions. Solver options for Simulation CFD and the optimal settings for common AEC applications will be discussed in detail in this module.

Learning Objectives

  • Find and set proper solver options.
  • Learn about monitoring run convergence to confirm valid results.
  • Gain experience setting up and solving a transient simulation.
  • Understand how queuing multiple runs to the solver can improve efficiency.

Simulation CFD Solver Settings for AEC Applications

Learn optimal Simulation CFD solver settings for different AEC applications.

Transient Simulations for AEC Applications

In AEC applications, transient simulations track changes in results over time from events such as opening a door or turning off an HVAC system.

Run Management in Simulation CFD

Queuing multiple runs keeps the computer working nonstop.

A Simulation CFD Exercise in Transient Simulation

Set up and solve a transient simulation with an introductory exercise.