Meshing in Simulation CFD

Meshing is the process in which all of the simulation volumes are divided into thousands or even millions of smaller regions for numerical calculations. The quality of the mesh is a critical aspect of the overall simulation since it has a direct impact on both accuracy and solver run time.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what a mesh is, and how its created in Simulation CFD.
  • Describe the importance of a valid mesh in computational fluid dynamics simulations.
  • Apply a strategic approach to building a valid mesh for a variety of AEC applications.
  • Be able to do basic refinements and improvements on an automatically generated mesh.
  • Observe the impact of mesh quality on results and run time.
  • Build a mesh yourself on a typical model that would be used for thermal and fluid flow simulations in an office space.

Advancements in meshing technology have helped to automate it for even complex models.  However, user interaction and CAD modification is still needed at times to successfully create the mesh.

This module will introduce fundamental meshing techniques and best practices while demonstrating the characteristics of a suitable mesh along with the implications of a poor quality mesh.

NOTE: Comprehensive coverage of all meshing functionality is beyond the intended scope of this introductory course.  Users are encouraged to research and test advanced meshing topics or consider formal training to become fully proficient in this area.

Fundamentals of Simulation CFD Meshing for AEC

Fundamentals of Simulation CFD Meshing for AEC

Learn the basics of meshing in Autodesk Simulation CFD.

Meshing Process for AEC Applications in Simulation CFD

Meshing Process for AEC Applications in Simulation CFD

The fundamental meshing process in Autodesk Simulation CFD.

Best Practices for Meshing AEC Applications in Simulation CFD

AEC applications can be challenging to mesh due to their sheer size. Tips on meshing AEC applications in Simulation CFD.

Troubleshooting Meshing Issues for AEC Applications

Following these troubleshooting tips will help to diagnose and repair AEC meshing issues in Autodesk Simulation CFD. For some models, the mesher may fail due to CAD issues or improper settings.

Exercise: Meshing in Simulation CFD for AEC projects

A step-by-step tutorial to learn the basics of meshing in Autodesk Simulation CFD for AEC Applications