Introduction to Simulation CFD for AEC

The effective use of Autodesk Simulation CFD for AEC applications requires a fundamental understanding of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology and the software workflow. Proficiency in these areas will ultimately help to improve both the design process and product performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how CFD impacts AEC design efforts.
  • Gain exposure to the Autodesk Simulation CFD interface and simulation process by examining the energy implications that window selection has on an office space.

In this introductory module, the fundamentals of the CFD process and its impact on AEC designs will be introduced to establish the initial foundation of simulation skills.  A practical exercise of a small office space will then be used to put these skills into actual practice.  

The progression of a typical CFD simulation for AEC starting from the CAD model (left), to the meshed model (center), and results visualization (right).

How CFD Simulation Impacts Design

The impact of CFD simulation on the design process and AEC industry applications.

The Simulation CFD Workflow

Understand the fundamental workflow of Simulation CFD

Best Practices and Effective Habits for CFD

Review best practices and effective habits for the successful implementation of Simulation CFD for an AEC user.

Exercise: Office & Energy in Simulation CFD

Gain introductory and practical experience in Simulation CFD