Creating Building Geometry for CFD Simulation

CAD idealization is a process for optimizing geometry to support CFD simulation and the design process.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain understanding of CAD idealization and its benefits for CFD simulations.
  • Build awareness of necessary complexity for CFD simulation through design and process examples.
  • Learn sample characteristics for simulation geometry.
  • Gain understanding of the CAD geometry idealization process by reviewing the preparation of a building’s corner office space.

Every successful simulation is built on a foundation of geometry characterization (a computer model representing the design).  Optimizing that geometry, specifically for simulation, is accomplished through an idealization process.

Detailed building model (left), idealized model (center), presentation image (right) of simulation results for an idealized model superimposed over detailed building model.

Obtaining reliable performance insight as quickly and efficiently as possible leads to critical decisions related to the amount of model fidelity (detail) necessary to reach simulation objectives.  While implementation of the idealization process is unique to each application, an overview of strategies to approach common AEC situations will be presented in the following materials.

CAD Idealization for CFD

Understand CAD idealization by evaluating necessary complexity, characterizing geometry, and considering common CAD situations.

Idealization Process for CFD Simulation

Understand the value and process of CAD idealization for CFD simulations in AEC applications.