CFD Simulations of Data Centers


These particles traces reveal the path of air at the end of a row of servers in a data center.

The technological advances of computer hardware and software have created a need for advanced storage facilities operating at their maximum potential. Cooling a data center can consume a lot of energy. CFD can be used to model and improve the heat transfer and fluid flow in these facilities, to help optimize the overall performance and prevent equipment from exceeding maximum operating temperatures.

Learning Objectives

  • Characterize datacenter components to accurately capture their physical behavior in Simulation CFD.
  • Interpret flow and thermal simulation results to improve datacenter layout and configuration.
  • Practice the CFD simulation setup and results review process for a datacenter design scenario.

This module will focus on the common components and results visualization associated with data center analyses.  A fundamental understanding of the software is required as this module will not cover general software-related tasks.

A Simulation TV video about simulating data centers in Simulation CFD can be found here.

Creating a Simulation-Ready Data Center Model

Best practices for setting up data center simulations in Simulation CFD.

Evaluating CFD Results of a Data Center

Evaluating CFD Results of a Data Center

Learn how to evaluate data center thermal and airflow results in Simulation CFD to understand and improve operating characteristics.

Data Centers in Simulation CFD

Exercise: Data Centers in Simulation CFD

This hands-on tutorial will guide the user through best practices of setting up data center CFD simulation and reviewing the results.