Climate & Site Analysis

Site considerations include climate (sun & clouds, wind, temperature, humidity, and precipitation), the building's immediate surroundings (other buildings, trees, etc.), and location in the context of a city or other area (walkability, transit access, and other transportation for the people who use the building).

Climate Analysis

Climate is the first thing that architects and engineers should consider when designing a building. It dictates what passive design strategies are most suitable for the building site.

Human Thermal Comfort

Buildings are only energy-effective when their occupants are comfortable. Thermal comfort is difficult to measure because it is highly subjective. It depends on the air temperature, humidity, radiant temperature, air speeds, activity rates, and clothing levels. Learn how to use comfort concepts like Predicted Mean Vote and adaptive comfort to improve your design.

Building Site and Program

A building’s site and program will help you understand the energy loads you will need to manage, what passive design strategies are most appropriate, how make the building fit into the landscape and people’s lives.

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