Videos: Sketching to Scale

The following videos discuss the basics and importance of hand sketching.





Introduction to Sketching (1:56)

True structural engineering is an art form. One must be able to identify a problem and come up with a solution. One crucial aspect of this is to be able to quickly and accurately sketch to scale. This video gives a brief introduction to the importance of sketching and its role in problem solving.


Sketching to Scale (5:01)

Scale factor is crucial to structural engineering details – a simple ratio to translate a drawn scale to a physical, real-world scale. Some common ratios are 1.5” to 1’ and ¾” to 1’, which would give scale factors of 1:8 and 1:16, respectively. This video gives examples of each of these scale factors, and demonstrates drawing simple objects to scale.


Sketching with Graph Paper (9:28)

In the structural engineering world, drawing to scale is crucial. A couple of tips can make that task much easier. This video demonstrates how to use Revit to customize your own graph paper to the exact scale needed for any project by creating gridlines and specifying distance