Video Exercises: Lateral Design & Structural Stability







Stability Analysis (10:31)

This video continues the discussion of loads on a 2D frame from the previous video (from Unit 1). Tension and moment on a beam are demonstrated. Calculations are shown for instability in the joint, along with a solution for adding stability to the structure with a diagonal member (4:20). Also, the video explains how to view load diagrams in Robot and see how the forces work on the members (7:23).


Sketching Frames: Lateral (10:22)

In this video, a structural steel frame is drawn to scale. It is used to demonstrate moment of inertia and load (beginning at 4:00) and calculating magnitude (5:12). Also, there is discussion and sketching of deflection and forces (starting at 6:18).


Sketching Frames: Gravity (3:47)

This is a continuation of the discussion of load on the sketch of the structural steel frame from the previous video. Gravity and lateral loads are explained, as well as symmetry.