Video Exercises: Concrete Design

The following video’s give an introductory concept to reinforced concrete design.




Concrete: Hand Sketch (10:44)

A quick hand sketch can save time by highlighting problems that were not apparent before. This video demonstrates sketching a concrete grade beam and shows a section through the beam. Also, rebar is sketched and discussed (6:00).


Concrete: Analysis in Robot Structural Analysis (6:21) 

This video uses Robot to create a reinforced concrete beam. A simple span moment diagram is shown, along with calculation of design moment. Additionally, the video demonstrates a rule of thumb for sizing steel in members (4:40).

Concrete: Hand Calculations (16:52)

This video walks through checking and validating a structural concrete beam through hand calculations.  The shear and moment diagrams are calculated and are compared to the results from Robot (3:18).  The moment forces calculated are used to make a preliminary estimate of the required area of steel for flexure utilizing the previously discussed rules of thumb (7:20).  Finally, the shear reinforcement is designed by referencing ACI Design Handbook for Design of Structural Reinforced Concrete Elements in Accordance with ACI 318-05, Figure 2.71 (9:50).