BIM for Construction Management and Planning

Learn how BIM tools can be used throughout the building lifecycle, beyond the design and documentation. Use BIM models to support construction techniques, construction planning, cost and quantity feedback, fabrication, and facilities management.

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Modeling for Construction

In this lesson, students explore how to create building models that more accurately reflect the construction techniques that will be used for the materials and systems specified. As the use of the BIM models that they create expands beyond design activities, the need to deliver accurate models and improve communication of design intent becomes critical to the success of the entire project team.

4D Simulation and Construction Planning

In this lesson, students explore how to use 4D simulation to support construction planning and assess the impact of proposed design features on the construction schedule and workflow. This feedback provides valuable information to inform decisions as project teams evaluate and assess potential design features and construction options.

Model Based Estimating and Quantity Takeoff

In this lesson, students explore how to use a model-based estimating workflow to provide useful cost feedback to the project team and inform decisions during all phases of design, from inception through construction.

Using BIM for Operations and Facilities Management

In this lesson, students explore how the powerful tools available in the Autodesk Revit platform can be used to track, update, and maintain facilities management information to support better planning, operations, and maintenance decision-making throughout a building’s lifecycle.

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Building Design Process