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For architects and engineers who want to learn the vocabulary and basic concepts to interface with colleagues doing building performance analysis, or who what to start doing that work themselves.

Building Design and Construction


American Institute of Architects27 LUs
30 hours

Building Performance Analysis Certificate (BPAC)

The Autodesk Building Performance Analysis (BPA) Certificate Program is a free, online self-paced educational program, for students, educators and professionals. The program is comprised of seven courses and will help you to improve your knowledge of building science fundamentals and Autodesk building performance analysis tools.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the basic building science knowledge and Autodesk software tools.
  • Define what BPA is and why it's important.
  • Use Autodesk BPA tools to effectively decrease building energy use.
  • Integrate energy analysis into your existing design process and workflow.


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The Autodesk BPA Certificate program is comprised of a series of self-paced online tutorials, quizzes and Autodesk software exercises.  When you complete all seven courses (approximately 25-30 hours, depending on experience level), you are issued a Certificate and a Badge that you can place on your resume, LinkedIN profile or portfolio.

What’s Covered

  • Introduction to BPA Certificate
  • Energy Literacy & Building Loads
  • Climate & Weather Analysis
  • Solar Measurements & Strategies
  • Wind & Airflow Strategies
  • Daylighting Strategies & Analysis
  • Whole Building Energy Analysis with Revit

If you’re an educator, you can offer this program directly to your students. Your students will receive a unique key to use when they register and you’ll be able to track their progress and performance. It can be used as an independent study program or as a great addition to a semester-long course on either BIM or sustainable design - either as a requirement or for extra credit.


The industry needs you!

According to the AIA 56% of architecture firms are having difficulty finding employees with sustainable design skills.  They want people who can design a truly energy efficient, high-performance building and understand how to use the latest software tools to do so.  

The BPA Certificate Program is designed to give you the skills required to help drive an industry-wide transition to performance-based sustainable design.


“A valuable resource for anyone, from novice to expert, interested in incorporating passive strategies at the early stages of design. Curriculum of this scope and caliber should be taught in all design schools.”

- Amy Patel, Associate & Sustainable Design Leader, HOK

“I have heard the concept of "Net Zero Energy Buildings" before, but never with so many suggestions of how to achieve it. For the first time I'm learning how to actually design these buildings.”

- Brian Moserwitz, Student, University of Maryland, 2015

" The Autodesk BPA Certificate was the only official training I could put on my resume, and it was regarded highly enough to land me an interview for my internship."  

- Avi Rubin, Intern at Blackbird Architects, University of California Santa Barbara, 2012

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Stephanie Egger
Stephanie Egger is a building scientist and engineer. She currently works on the Autodesk Sustainable Design team as the Building Scientist Education Expert. Over the past two years, she has contributed significantly to the creation and development of the Autodesk Building Performance Analysis Certificate, which teaches architects and engineers all over the world how to design more sustainable buildings using Autodesk software, and currently manages the program. Stephanie holds a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Master of Building Science.