BIM Curriculum: Construction Management

Construction Mgmt

Autodesk provides virtual design and construction management solutions to help improve the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end. The Autodesk BIM solutions allow you to explore and evaluate a project’s constructability before it’s built, improve cost reliability, visualize construction processes through 4D simulation and clash detection, increase coordination between stakeholders throughout the design and construction process, and better predict, manage and communicate project outcomes.

Construction Management Curriculum

Autodesk has created video tutorials, exercises and assessment questions that support the courses a Construction Management student will take. Below are quick links to the specific curriculum Units for each category.

Autodesk BIM tools are available free to all students and educators at Autodesk Education.


Integrated Project Delivery


Fabrication and Construction


Several Units of the BIM curriculum have been translated into other languages. Click here to view what is available.