Sustainability Workshop Content Table

From the Sustainability Workshop to the AU Workshop!

The content that was on the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop is now on the Autodesk University Workshop. For more information about why we made the change to the AU Workshop, please see the About Us page.

Here is a mapping between the sections of the Sustainability Workshop and the AU Workshop.

Was on the Sustainability Workshop Now on the University Workshop
Building Design Concepts Building Science Fundamentals
Building Design Software Vasari & Ecotect for High Performance Building Design
Building Performance Analysis Certificate Program Course: Building Performance Analysis Certificate
Product Design Concepts

Whole Systems and Lifecycle Thinking

Sustainable Product Design Strategies

Product Design Software

Simulation Workflows and Sustainable Design

Eco Materials Adviser and Green Material Selection

Service Documentation with Inventor Publisher

Project Gallery Each project is in the Library
Blog Blog
Online Courses Courses

The AU Workshop is built to be a more dynamic platform for learning content, so the learning resources available on sustainable design should grow over time. You and your students can even contribute, contact us!