Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the University Workshop and how it relates to other Autodesk learning properties.


What does it mean to be in “Beta”?

Being in beta means that the AU Workshop is still in development, and that we want user feedback to help improve the platform. You can expect changes to the features, functionality, look & feel, and branding of this site. We plan to make those changes by actively listening to users.

The site, and the content on it, is publically available. However, there may be features and functionality that we will beta test with a smaller group of users, who we’d interact with via our Autodesk Labs project.

How can I provide feedback?

We always welcome feedback about how this website, and the content on it, can better help you. There are three ways to provide feedback:

1. Ongoing engagement & co-design: We have an Autodesk Labs group to help us chart our course in online learning. Sign up here.

2. One-time feedback on the site or content (general): Fill out the Contact-Us form. Let us know… 

  • What topics/subjects you’d like to see added. 
  • What learning experience and content format works best for you.

3. One-time feedback on site or content (specific to a page): Press the “Feedback” button that’s on the side of every page allows more specific feedback on any part of the content or user experience.

How can I contribute content?

We are looking for content contributions from the broader Autodesk community. Please fill out the contact-us form. Two easy ways to contribute are:

  1. Contribute to the AU Workshop’s library. Your contribution could be a series of YouTube tutorial videos you’ve done, a whitepaper you wrote, presentation slides, workflow maps, etc…
  2. Become a blog author. We’re looking for regular contributors to the AU Workshop’s blog, with a commitment of one post per month for the period of a year.

My organization would like to partner. Is that possible?

We are interested in establishing strategic partnerships with synergistic groups, and will evaluate those opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Let us know if you’re part of an organization that’s interested in a strategic partnership by filling out the Contact Us Form.

How is the AU Workshop related to Autodesk’s “Workshop” sites?

All of the current content from the BIM Workshop, Simulation Workshop, and Sustainability Workshop is now hosted on the AU Workshop. Those older “workshop” websites are still currently live, but will be taken down.

Legacy links:

Will I still be able to access the material on the BIM Workshop, Sustainability Workshop, and Simulation Workshop?  

Yes, all of the content that is still relevant from those destinations has been migrated to the AU Workshop. The online courses that were available from the Sustainability Workshop are available through AU Workshop.

Why the change? Why didn’t you keep existing websites?

We received feedback from users that it was difficult to find content across multiple platforms. The focus of the first phase of the AU Workshop project was consolidating some existing Autodesk learning resources and websites into a centralized and more extensible platform for learning that provides a consistent user experience across disciplines.

We also wanted to update the platform to work better on mobile phones and tablets, include automatic translation, and have a more robust back-end database.

How will the site evolve over time?

Now that the first phase of the consolidation work is done, we hope to connect the learning experience more with the Autodesk ecosystem. We also hope to further democratize learning and teaching, enabling more user generated content. We have some basic mechanisms for contributions in place now. 

One focus will be to further consolidate and improve learning experiences between this website and Autodesk’s other learning platforms like the Autodesk Knowledge Network and Autodesk University.

How the site evolves is ultimately up to our user base. Please join our Autodesk Labs project to help chart the future.

Can I use learning content from the AU Workshop Website on my website, blog, course, etc?

Yes, we want you to use and share learning content, such as the articles, images, and videos from the AU Workshop library!  Our online courses can only be used through AU Workshop. 

We are working to make most of Autodesk’s learning resources available via a Creative Commons license (see the Creative Commons FAQ on the Autodesk Knowledge Network). We are still working out the licensing aspects of the content on this site, but look for more explicit Creative Commons labels in the future. In the meantime, if you’d like to host this content elsewhere, re-mix it, or modify it, please Contact Us.

How is the AU Workshop related to the Autodesk Knowledge Network?

The AU Workshop is plugged into the Autodesk Knowledge Network, but is only a subset of that larger network of content. 

The Autodesk Knowledge Network consolidates content from a host of Autodesk knowledge sources such as product help, support forums, blogs, and YouTube channels.

Unlike the Autodesk Knowledge Platform, the AU Workshop is focused on longer-duration learning experiences and offers more software-agnostic guidance, cross-product workflows, online courses, and resources for educators.

Content that’s posted on the AU Workshop is also included in search results from Also, if you don’t find what you’re looking for in a search from the AU Workshop, you can launch an equivalent search on the Autodesk Knowledge Network from your AU Workshop search results.

We hope to build more tools over time that will better enable the curating of learning experiences from the entire Autodesk Knowledge Network. 

How is the AU Workshop related to Autodesk University?

Autodesk University (AU) is Autodesk’s series of user conferences that happen around the world each year, with the main conference in Las Vegas. Autodesk University is also evolving to offer year - round training and networking opportunities for design and engineering professionals. Recorded online classes taught by AU speakers are available to everyone with an Autodesk single sign on account.  Classes can be found here.  

We plan to bring the AU Workshop and Autodesk University experience together over time. 

Is content that’s not specific to Autodesk software appropriate for the Autodesk AU Workshop?

We recognize Autodesk tools are part of larger workflows that involve a host of other products, and that using Autodesk software well can require domain expertise and knowledge of fundamental concepts.

We welcome learning content on non-Autodesk products as long as it’s relevant to the workflows of Autodesk customers. We also welcome content-agnostic content that helps our customers design more effectively using our software.

Is there content for primary and secondary education on this site?

There is not yet any content specifically for primary and secondary school students and educators on this site, but some of the resources here might prove useful in the secondary education environment. Please see the Secondary Education department landing page for links to Autodesk learning sites that are focused on secondary education audiences. (**** LINK)

Do I need to log-in?

There is no log-in for the content on the AU Workshop Library, and that content is publically accessible. There is a log-in for online courses, but that system does not use Autodesk Account credentials. You’ll need to create a separate account for online courses.

We would like to add some richer logged-in experiences over time, including the ability to contribute and curate content more easily. 

Is everything free?

All of the reference material in the AU Workshop library is currently free. All of the Autodesk-provided courses are also free.

In time we may offer premium learning content, create a marketplace for content, and/or help connect our users with premium content from other companies and partners.

How do the online courses work? 

The free Autodesk-provided courses here are self-paced, asynchronous, and require a login. They are based on the reference material in the AU Workshop library, supplemented with software exercises, quizzes, and case studies. There are individual courses, and also a certificate program on Building Performance Analysis. Most of the courses are pre-approved for AIA and USGBC continuing education credits.

The courses currently available were created by Autodesk’s sustainability education team, and focus on high performance building design.

If we continue to get positive feedback on this online course model, we plan to improve our systems for delivering online courses and to add more courses over time. The courses are currently delivered by a separate learning management system that is on-top of the AU Workshop content, and which does not support Autodesk “single-sign-on” accounts.

Learn more at the Courses FAQ page (**** LINK)

Will there ever be a community aspect to the AU Workshop?

We would like to make communities a larger part of the learning experience. There are no community aspects built-into the AU Workshop now, but we’ll be looking to how to tie this experience with other community efforts.

We encourage users to get involved in community at Autodesk University, the Education Experts, and the Autodesk product forums.

Where does the language translation come from?

The language translations of the content on the AU Workshop are done by machine. The translations come from Autodesk’s own machine translation database, which is built on top of the Microsoft Translator engine.

Because the translations are done by machine, the quality varies.

We are looking into better and more sophisticated ways to handle translation and localize learning experiences.

Is there a way for me to receive an alert when new content has been added?

You can currently create an RSS feed of blog entries based on any set of filters you choose. For example, you can choose to get a feed of any new blog posts by a particular author, about certain software, within an industry – or any combination of those facets.

As the experience evolves, we hope to add more capabilities to created feeds and streams of personalized content.

What portion of content is currently available for professionals?

Much of the content on the AU Workshop website at its initial launch was developed for post-secondary students. However, much of this content is relevant to professionals.

Of note are the online courses, which were developed with professional users in mind and are pre-approved for continuing education credits for credential maintenance.

How can I get free access to Autodesk software?

Students and faculty can access software for free* through the Autodesk Education Community. Simply join the Education Community and you’ll have access to the same version of Autodesk software that over 9 million designers, engineers and digital artists are using.

If you're a professional, you should use the standard 30 day trial licenses available for most products. See product pages

What is Autodesk’s interest in Sustainable Design Education?

Autodesk products help to shape much of the built world—from buildings, roads, utilities, and entire cities, to cars, electronics, packaging, and shoes. Our vision is to help those who create the built world—architects, designers, and engineers—by making sustainable design easier and more accessible, with better tools, and better information.

For more on Autodesk’s commitment to sustainability and Autodesk products for sustainable design, see

*Free Autodesk software and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of the software license agreement or terms of service that accompany such software or cloud-based services.  Software and cloud-based services provided without charge to Education Community members may be used solely for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research or development and  shall not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes.